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Genomic Services

Using state-of-the-art technology Eurofins Genomics is able to provide high quality sequencing services in faster turn-around times than any of our competitors. Eurofins offers sequencing of both large and small genomes as well as the synthesis of oligonucleotides and has become a trusted supplier to industrial research centres and academic institutions.

DNA sequencing

Eurofins Genomics has a long international standing as an expert for sequencing projects of all sizes, from single reads delivered in a 25-30 hour turnaround time to the sequencing of complete genomes. The highly automated sequencing departments operate from three production sites in Germany, the US, and India with a total annual capacity of approximately 2 million reads per year. By means of Eurofins' proprietary bioinformatics platform the identified sequencing data can be annotated to identify the genes. With an experienced team and strong partnerships Eurofins has gained an excellent scientific reputation for the competent handling of genomic information. The company is a renowned expert at Comparative Sequencing and Resequencing projects.

DNA/siRNA oligonucleotides

Eurofins Genomics competence in the synthesis of oligonucleotides has made the Group the European market leader and a strong global player. In fully automated labs in Germany, the US, and India applies its highly automated production processes to offer pure and salt-free synthetic nucleic acids. The Company offers HPLC and HYPUR purification options for unmodified oligos, quantitative PCR probes, modified oligonucleotides and siRNA.

Fast and convenient ecom service

Eurofins Genomics fully integrated ecom platform is one of the most advanced ecom systems in the industry for easy and convenient ordering of oligos, siRNA and sequencing services. In addition, customers can utilize new bioinformatics tools available on the site to design their primers, dual labeled probes and siRNA. They can verify the GC content, Molecular Weight, and TM of their oligo sequences. As an added benefit, siRNA orders can be tracked with the same functionality as the oligonucleotides. The DNA Sequencing ecom section offers functionalities that enable customers to enter their order without any paperwork via a unique barcode system. In addition, sequencing orders can also be tracked, and customers can download and view their data online. PHRED quality reports and BLAST analysis options are available. The option to order prepaid sequencing barcodes for even faster and hassle-free order processing is also integrated into the ecom platform.


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