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Food Authenticity

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Food fraud has been around for centuries with examples such as the adulteration of imported tea with iron filings in the 19th century. Today it is more likely to be the adultaration of meat or substitution of alternative fish species.

Food Fraud is becoming more and more sophisticated and increasingly difficult to detect. Therefore it is necessary to develop advanced analytical techniques such as isotopic analysis, molecular biology and a range of classic physical, chemical and biological methods to test for food authenticity, and detect non-compliant products.

A considerable investment in research and development enables Eurofins to apply the most suitable methods to each specific case when evaluating the authenticity and traceability of a food product.

Food Analysis

Eurofins evaluates the authenticity and traceability of food products, including meat and fish speciation, adulteration of meat productshoney, durum wheat pasta and rice, plus many other parameters.

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