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Meat Species Testing

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Adulteration and authenticity of meat products made the headlines with horse and pig meat found in Irish beef products. The methods of analysis are becoming more and more sophisticated to detect and measure adulteration. Advanced biological techniques such as DNA analysis are used to support the classical physical and chemical techniques.

Eurofins ISO17025 accredited DNA laboratory "Eurofins Medigenomix" in Germany has a proven track record in DNA testing in this area.

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Meat Species Testing using DNA Analysis 

Eurofins routinely tests for 3, 7 or 8 species:

Beef Goat
Pork Sheep
Horse Turkey
Chicken Duck

Eurofins meat species testing is an accredited, semi-quantitative test on the basis of Real-Time PCR and DNA sequencing. The combination of two independent DNA methods together with long-term experience in this testing area, allows Eurofins to reliably determine contaminations of foreign DNA of < 1 % in relation to the DNA amount.

The DNA tests are applicable to various matrices and include raw, processed and cooked product. Methods are also available for analysis of highly processed meats where the DNA may be significantly degraded.

Immunological techniques such as ELISA, can be used for screening purpose but care must be taken as there may be cross reactivity with non-target meats species or other artefacts. The limit of detection may not be suitable for low levels of meat.