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Pesticide Residues Testing

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To meet the expectations of consumers, supermarkets and government, farmers employ a range of pest control measures to ensure that produce is plentiful and blemish free. With hundreds of pesticides available and increasingly stringent controls and regulations, it is essential that comprehensive pesticide residues testing is carried out to ensure the safety of the food chain.

Eurofins can offer a range of targeted pesticide residue detection including:

  • multi residue determination for over 400 compounds
  • extensive list of single analytes including chlormequat, mepiquat, nicotine, 2,4-D
  • comprehensive list of compounds from the Pesticide Residue Committee surveys
  • compounds from products imported from outside the EU
  • individual reporting of multi residue actives against EC Regulation 396/2005, to a reporting level of 0.01 mg/kg
  • preparation of sampling plans and risk assessments
  • validation and specialist support from Eurofins competence centres in Sweden and Germany

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Fast and reliable pesticide testing service

Eurofins has an unrivalled track record in consistent delivery of accurate results to agreed turnaround times. Increasingly, our customers are requesting rapid turnaround to ensure that results are available before the products are released into the food chain. We offer options for 3-day, 5-day or 10-day reporting to support due diligence programmes.