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Forensic Services

Eurofins Forensic Services provide an unparalleled range of bio-analytical, DNA and toxicology forensic testing and support services to police and criminal justice organisations throughout Europe.

Our forensic laboratories are amongst the most advanced analytical facilities in Europe, enabling the company to offer a complete and comprehensive range of independent and innovative forensic solutions, from the determination of unknown chemical and biochemical products to DNA profiling and scene of crime analysis.

Forensic toxicology

Employing the very latest techniques within our dedicated toxicology laboratories, Eurofins Forensic Services is able to provide analytical services tailored to meet individual requirements.

Our laboratories carry out the widest range of analytical tests and are renowned as having one of the most comprehensive testing facilities in Europe for the detection of trace chemicals from a variety of samples. Our laboratories and scientists are recognised leaders in the field of forensic toxicology, pioneering many new testing methodologies. In particular, the extraction and quantifiable identification within keratinised matrices (nails and hair) of the following chemical substances:

  • Therapeutic drugs
  • Drugs of abuse
  • Solvents and volatile compounds
  • Alcohol
  • Cyanide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Pesticides
  • Steroids and performance enhancing drugs

Forensic DNA analysis

Eurofins Forensic Services is a leading provider of forensic DNA analysis and has accredited laboratories located across Europe. The company specialises in solutions for forensic DNA analysis ranging from DNA extraction to high throughput DNA sequencing and SNP analysis and scene of crime analysis.

Our tailored solutions allow us to meet specific needs, making us a partner of choice for law enforcement agencies. With dedicated laboratories providing DNA forensic services to police forces and legal services organisations across Europe, our laboratory offer unparalleled expertise in DNA profiling contributing to both national and international DNA Databases.