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Zika Virus Screening

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Zika virus disease is an arbovirosis transmitted by Aedes mosquito bite and is rapidly spreading across South America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. A first case of Zika virus sexual transmission has been reported in the United States however, this matter requires further investigation according to WHO.

After the incubation period, this infection may be asymptomatic in a large number of cases or it can be seen as a flu-like syndrome with generally moderate fever, a skin rash and sometimes Arthralgia or myalgia as well as conjunctival hyperemia. Other neurological complications such as Guillan-Barré Syndrome (GBS) and polyradiculoneuritis have also been reported.

Yet, the most worrying cases concern pregnant women due to possible maternal-foetal transmission leading to microcephaly and other malformations. Prevention measures rely on collective and personal protection recommendations to reduce contact with mosquitoes and avoid mosquito bites.

As of 08/02/2016, Eurofins Biomnis will offer Zika screening by PCR with a turnaround time of six working days from receipt. Please note that it is essential that you consult with your doctor before arranging these tests.


 - Samples accepted for testing: : urines  (minimum 2 mL)  and blood derivatives (EDTA blood, or EDTA plasma or serum – minimum 1 mL)

 - Urine samples must be referred in a leak-proof container available on request from Eurofins Biomnis  

- Transport at +2 – +8°C and send on same day to Eurofins Biomnis Ireland (samples must reach Eurofins Biomnis Lyon within 72 hours of collection) in a specific purple bag provided by Eurofins Biomnis on request. Failing this, a watertight diagnobag resistant to differential pressure of 95kPa with absorbent material will be accepted.

 - Urine and blood samples from a same patient should be placed in the same purple bag otherwise two files will be created, which will cause double invoicing.  

- A specific clinical information form (reference R28-INTGB) is to be attached to the request form  This document can also be downloaded from the from the Test Request Form section of our website.

 - Please note that Zika testing by PCR must be performed within 7 days of onset of symptoms. IgM antibody testing can be done thereafter, but this is subject to cross-reactivity and false negatives and positives, and the duration of persistence of IgM antibodies is unknown.


Please do not hesitate to contact Eurofins Biomnis at salesdept@eurofins.ie or freephone 1800 252 966 or click on the following links:

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