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OncoNext Liquid, Next Generation Oncology Diagnostics

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OncoNext Liquid, Next Generation Oncology Diagnostics

This is a liquid biopsy test which is able to detect the somatic mutations in circulating cell-free tumor DNA(ctDNA) from a blood sample.

Liquid biopsy is a non-invasive, highly sensitive and cost-effective method of isolating and detecting cfDNA fragments, including circulating tumor DNA, from the plasma of patients diagnosed with cancer or from individuals who may have cancer. By analysing cell-free DNA isolated from a patient's blood, we can identify clinically relevant genomic alterations to target therapies and clinical trials. 

Onconext Liquid offers a potential alternative to surgical tumor biopsy and histological assessment, eliminating many of the difficulties and concerns associated with traditional tests, as well as a means of augmenting imaging studies and other diagnostic methods.

Benefits of OncoNext:

  • Non-invasive and cost-effective
  • Less dependent on the original tumor site since tumor from both primary and metastatic sites release DNA into the bloodstream.
  • Can capture tumor heterogeneity
  • Requires only a sample of blood
  • Allows for serial evaluation in the absence of detectable primary tumor or metastases
  • A few copies of mutant ctDNA are sufficient for analysis
  • The patient can tolerate serial blood draws for evaluation; 
  • It can be applied for the evaluation of the response to therapy and for the detection of residual disease
  • May allow the evaluation of the development of resistance
  • May aid in the early detection of cancer.

OncoNext Liquid Monitor

This test allows for the detection of somatic mutations on circulating tumor DNA(ctDNA) for cancer monitoring, and it is meant for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. 

OncoNext™ Liquid Monitor provides physicians actionable biomarker information to help guide treatment and find ongoing clinical trials for aggressive, metastatic and refractory cancers.


OncoNext Liquid Scan

This test can detect somatic mutations in circulating tumor DNA(ctDNA) for the early detection of cancer. OncoNext™ Liquid Scan is meant for preventive surveillance of high-risk populations. 

 Main tumors screened:

Main Tumors

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