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Benefits of Health Screening

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Workplace initiatives that encourage good health are proven to have a positive effect on many aspects of a business by helping to:

  • Reduce levels of absenteeism
  • Increase productivity levels
  • Cut direct & indirect costs associated with short & long term sick leave (temporary staff costs, overtime payments, increased work load on colleagues).

Moreover, showing an interest in the wellbeing of your employees will help build a positive corporate image and also increase staff morale and their commitment to your business – which can assist in reducing staff turnover and associated costs.


We would all like to know that we are healthy and in most cases that’s true. However, a large number of us are going about our day-to-day lives with silent risk factors that can dramatically alter our well-being at some time in the future. 

Our programmes identify whether many of the most common risk factors are present and, if they are, what should be done to positively affect them and increase the chance of a much healthier future. All of which is completed without the need to take time away from work.

For further information regarding our workplace health and lifestyle screening profiles and programmes please visit our dedicated HealthWatch website - www.healthwatch.ie