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The detection of bacteria, fungi and parasites is an indispensable step in the diagnosis and treatment of infections, and also in the understanding of infectious disease.


In bacteriology, Eurofins Biomnis detects and identifies human pathogens, especially those which require experience and expertise to culture. Many of the techniques are based on the inspection and culture of suspect bacteria, followed up with identification by means of biochemical, enzymatic and serological tests (with computer assistance when necessary). Isolation and identification are followed by antibiotic sensitivity testing and Minimum Inhibitory Concentration determination, essential steps towards the prescription of an effective course of treatment.

Finally, the laboratory can detect both European and exotic fungi, and identify common human intestinal, blood and pulmonary parasites.

Diagnosing mycobacterial infections is a priority at our laboratory and we are able to perform all of the most powerful techniques in this area (direct inspection, culture, PCR, Quantiferon®)


Eurofins Biomnis is in communication with the relevant specialist reference centres and possesses a comprehensive collection of different strains, a valuable asset for epidemiological surveys. In the mycobacterial field, the laboratory is actively involved in evaluating novel techniques (molecular biology, immunological methods).