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Eurofins Pathology provides a full histopathology laboratory service from wet tissue receipt, through technical processing to histology reporting by our team of consultant histopathologists. 

 Located in Dublin, we are the only

private independent histopathology laboratory provider 

carrying out all the steps of the process in Ireland.

Eurofins Pathology is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced consultant pathologists, Scientists and Medical Secretaries with a vast knowledge and experience in both public and private health care.

We follow best practice with a focus on governance and care. As such, we have Chain of Custody procedures and electronic tracking for the safe transport of samples. Our sample transport is provided by the Eurofins logistics team, using ADR compliant vehicles.

The histology laboratory has grown from what was originally “The Medical Consultants Pathology Group” established in 2013. Following its acquisition by the Eurofins Group in January 2017, the laboratory has built on these firm foundations to develop a trusted service that supports and assists hospitals and clinics with their histopathology needs.

From our Dublin laboratory, we process and report thousands of cases annually to hospitals nationwide, GPs and Clinics. The case mix covers a wide range of pathology, including GIT, breast, urology, skin, gynaecology and non-gynaecologic cytology.

While our service provides a full histopathology laboratory service we also listened to our clients about what type of service they need and the flexibility they require in a service. As such, clients can also utilise individual aspects of the service depending on their needs for example block cutting, slide reading and reporting. This enables clients to maximise the resources they have and utilise our service where required.

At Eurofins Pathology we pride ourselves on supporting your organisation or business. Whether you need a full service, aspects of our service or a trusted referral laboratory to alleviate backlogs or pressure, we have the expertise and processes in place to address your Histopathology needs. 



Our samples are processed using the Tissue Tek VIP and staining by the Tissue Tek Prisma automated stainer with integrated coverslipper. By utilising the multi-programmable settings on these state of the art machines we can provide a tailored service specific to whatever your needs may be.


Our Microtomy service is done using state of the art microtomes namely the Leica RM2255 fully capable of providing samples from 0.5µm to ‘specialist’ molecular sections. Our team prides itself on the rapid turnaround of these samples and our stringent quality control measures mean that all samples provided will be at the highest specifications.


We provide on-site IHC on a wide range of antibodies using the Leica Bond automated stainer. Our staff are highly qualified in this department and if any specialist requests are needed on a regular basis we can provide  IHC on any marker you require.

Contact details:
Tel: +353 1 294 4106
Email: labsecretary@eurofins.ie