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Haematology covers the study of blood cells and clotting (haemostasis). This means addressing fundamental pathological problems, some of which are major public health priorities such as the diagnosis of haematological malignancies, haemoglobinopathies and the assessment of risk factors for thrombophilic conditions.


The Haematology Department specialises in a variety of examinations and tests, including cytological analysis, haemoglobinopathy testing and immunohaematology. In addition, Eurofins Biomnis has built up considerable experience in the field of haemostasis and thrombosis, and offers a comprehensive range of testing for the diagnosis of haemorrhagic diseases and of constitutional and acquired forms of thrombophilia, as well as aids for the diagnosis and treatment of thrombo-embolism.


Eurofins Biomnis actively collaborates with research groups working on haemoglobinopathies from Lyon Hospitals and H. Mondor Hospital in Créteil, France, for the study of globin chain synthesis in vitro with a view to improving the diagnosis of alpha-thalassemia and identifying novel haemoglobin variants.

We are also contributing to a number of clinical and analytical projects addressing novel clotting parameters and the monitoring of new anticoagulant therapeutic modalities.