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Through the use of WebResults, our Internet Results browser, Eurofins Biomnis can provide you with instant access to the results of your ordered tests as soon as they are available, in a secure and cost effective manner.

Using this online solution, your patient results are stored in an organised manner and can be viewed from your PC. This facilitates effortless retrieval of required information.

Each user is provided with a unique username and password as access is strictly monitored and controlled. All result requirements are met with a simple & convenient click on our web browser interface. Users can instantly view and manage their own patient results as often as they wish. User-friendly features include:

  • Easy search for patients by name and/or date of birth.
  • Access current and historical patient result information.
  • Check the status of pending test results.
  • Detailed test results with reference ranges can be quickly viewed, eliminating calls to the laboratory.
  • Highlights abnormal results for quick assessment.
  • Monitor trends in a patient’s test results over time.
  • Produce cumulative reports in numerical or graphical format.

For more information regarding our IT Connectivity solutions please contact us on (01) 295 8545 or salesdept@eurofins.ie.