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Eurofins Biomnis has invested in the development of LabConnect, an integration platform to facilitate the secure transmission of clinical information to and from the laboratory and to provide a wide range of services to our customers.

This investment has involved the acquisition of hardware and software to provide a secure, reliable and resilient application integration platform. Implementations span simple point-to-point application to application interfaces, data conversions and migrations to departmental and distributed enterprise-wide e-Business solutions.

This integration platform provides state-of the art connectivity to health care providers and has been widely implemented in the UK and US. Unlike other interface engine products, this application has the added benefit of a native, built-in, non-invasive interface capability, providing users with the ability to connect successfully to even the most closed, proprietary legacy systems or devices. The flexibility of this platform allows Eurofins Biomnis to use either the built-in adaptors or to customize interfaces to connect to the clients systems without compromising security.

Some of the benefits of LabConnect include:

  • Direct point-to point connectivity through secured encrypted VPN tunnels
  • Minimum maintenance overheads on the part of our customers
  • Improvements in Quality - Users can use their existing systems to create request messages which are then securely transmitted to Eurofins Biomnis. This eliminates transcription errors and facilitates consistent patient identification
  • Improvements in turn-around times: Real-time Results - Results available as soon as analysis is complete and results have been authorised facilitating up to date patient records.
  • Integration with the user’s application has the added benefit of no requirement for training on a different system
  • No Manual Re-Entry of Results thereby minimizing transcription errors.
  • Additional services can be added to the integration application to provide reports on sample management and tracking. For example, reports detailing the number of requests created, transmitted, and resulted per day, week, month etc

For more information regarding our IT Connectivity solutions please contact us on (01) 295 8545 or salesdept@eurofins.ie.