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NEW TEST: Pre-eclampsia Prediction Screening

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Pre-eclampsia is a complication that can occur during pregnancy. It is the number one cause of maternal morbi-mortality in the developed world and can be as high as 10% in high risk populations.

Pre-eclampsia screening combines the following elements: the assaying of serum PLGF (Placenta Growth Factor) and PAPP-A performed on a sample collected during the first trimester.

Information concerning the patient and the pregnancy underway (information form must be sent along with the sample.Once made aware of a risk of pre-eclampsia, the doctor can initiate a treatment. This is why screening is of clinical interest before this date.


Method: time resolved fluoroimmunoassay

Sample requirements: Plain tube. 1 tube (3mL) specifically assigned to pre-eclampsia testing. Following removal of the coagulated mass and centrifugation to separate the serum.

Storage and transport: refrigerated


1. The risk of pre-eclampsia is calculated only:

· During the first trimester of pregnancy (between 11.0 and 13.6 weeks of amenorrhea)

· For a single-foetus pregnancy

2. The arterial blood pressure should ideally be taken at both arms simultaneously. If this cannot be done, one arm is sufficient.

3. A maximum delay of 10 days between the ultrasound scan, the taking of the patient’s blood pressure and the blood sample must be respected.

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