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At Eurofins Biomnis we understand the foundation of our business is built upon the meaningful relationships and partnerships we build with our clients. These exist as a direct result of the dedication of our people to serve those who need us at all levels of our business.

For this reason we are constantly seeking motivated and exceptional individuals who will always work in the best interests of our clients and their patients.

Eurofins Biomnis For You

In return we will provide you a competitive salary and dynamic work environment where you are valued and which will expand your knowledge and help you to build and sustain a successful and rewarding career to make a difference.

We are strong advocates of continuous learning and personal development. This is why we actively encourage our staff to participate in our Higher Education Policy and CPD programmes.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are would like to join Eurofins Biomnis please contact us: 01 295 8545 or email us your CV and cover letter at